H1 LaColline a peak of delicacy


Discover the majesty of a French Cognac-based liquor combined with Williams pear. The elegance of the pear, the quintessential fruit of royals, fused with the strength 
of Cognac, creates an exquisite ensemble.
The refinement of the artisanal liquor that is Noces Royales is a celebration of the fruits’ flavors.


French artisanal liqueur Cognac & Williams pear


Discover a majestic liqueur, NOCES ROYALES. Pear, Versailles Court's favorite fruit, used to be gifted to aristocrats, and receiving the fruit was considered an honor. NOCES ROYALES is a French liqueur, noble and delicate, a brilliant alliance of pear, Louis XIV's favorite fruit, and Cognac, the prestigious eau-de-vie.


The exquisite alliance of pear and Cognac


When the delicacy of pear, the ultimate royal fruit, meets the power of Cognac, the result is NOCES ROYALES, an exquisite alliance which celebrates the flavor of fruits.